Healthy Dogs & Cats = Healthy Life!

Healthy Dogs & Cats = Healthy Life!

How can you keep your cat or dog happy and healthy at home?

    • Exercise! Going for walks or moving around the house with your furry friend can help them stay physically active.
    • Play a game. Just like you, your dog or cat can get bored. Help them stay mentally engaged by throwing a ball with your dog, playing with a cat toy or hiding treats for them to find.
    • Feed your pet a nutritious, healthy diet. Keeping your pet at a healthy weight will help them live longer and reduce the chance of obesity-related health problems.
    • Protect them from parasites. Use preventatives to help reduce the chance of flea, ticks and heartworms. These parasites aren’t just outdoors and are a significant risk to your dog or cat so keep them safe!
Golden and White Shaggy Dog

Spay and Neuter is Good for Your Dog!
Fixing your dog will not only help reduce the number of homeless dogs but also help your dog be healthier! Here are a few benefits:

    • Spaying or neutering your dog can actually reduce the risk of specific cancers and infections.
    • Alteration surgery may reduce some of the negative behaviors that are the result of a dog’s mating instinct.
    • Research has shown that fixing your dog can mean a longer life expectancy. That means more time with you!
Cool Cats for the Summer 🕶️

Cool Cats for the Summer 🕶️

Summer in North Carolina is hot, but we have a few tips to help your kitty stay cool.

    • Keep your cat’s water fresh. You may have noticed that your cat doesn’t like to drink stale water. Changing your cat’s water daily helps encourage them to stay hydrated, which keeps them cooler.
    • Brush your cat regularly, especially if it has longer hair. Matted hair isn’t just hard to untangle – it can hold in body heat, making it hard for your cat to stay cool.
    • Recycle a cardboard box by turning it on its side to make a cool, dark hideaway for your cat to relax in and beat the heat!

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