SAFE Care Spay and Neuter Clinic heeded the call to help beagles saved from a puppy farm in Virginia. Being spayed or neutered was these sweet dogs’ last stop before adoption by a loving family.

On Sunday, August 14, the SAFE Care Clinic sterilized 49 beagles – 48 male and one female – saved from the animal experimentation facility. Thousands of beagles were rescued from a facility in Virginia that bred dogs to sell to laboratories for animal experimentation. A federal judge ordered the release of approximately 4,000 dogs from the facility owned by Envigo after it was found in violation of several federal regulations. The U.S. Humane Society worked with federal authorities to rehome the dogs, and rescue groups across the country took them in.

“It was all hands on deck here on Sunday,” said Dr. Tiffany Kutner, Medical Director of the SAFE Care Clinic. “We had three vets, extra vet techs, and volunteers to ensure each dog had a smooth procedure.”

All 49 dogs were spayed or neutered plus received a physical examination, rabies and distemper vaccinations, nail trimming, pre-op pain injection, heartworm medication and an e-collar. They then went to foster homes until they can be matched with their forever families.

The SAFE Care Clinic is asking the community to help pay for the fixes of these sweet dogs. A donation of $20 to the Clinic will close the cost gap to care for each rescued pup. Donate at

“The SAFE Care Clinic is a safety net for our community,” said Pam Miller, Founder of the SAFE Care Clinic. “We are here to help, regardless of the cost, to ensure that every pet has a chance at a long life in a loving home.”

Since 2001, the SAFE Care Clinic has helped address the pet overpopulation problem in Wake, Durham, Orange, Franklin, Johnston, Granville and Harnett counties by offering low-cost spay and neuter services for cats and dogs. The Clinic has fixed more than 41,000 cats and dogs since its opening.

Triangle Beagle Rescue will coordinate the adoption of all the hounds that have come to the area.

Woman with blonde hair holding beagle in her arms