How can you help your cat or dog live their best life? Good healthcare is key and here are five things you can do to help your pet be happy and healthy.

    • Regular medical check-ups
      Unless your dog or cat can talk, it can be hard to tell when they’re in pain or sick. Preventative wellness visits every year can help screen your pet for signs of medical issues and ensure that they’re maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This is also a great time to check on behavioral issues.

    • Vaccinations and parasite control
      Even if your dog or cat lives indoors, there are still preventable viral diseases that they can catch. Just like humans, vaccines can help keep your pet from getting sick from things like rabies, bordetella, distemper and more. Your veterinarian can create a schedule and recommend vaccines to keep your cat or dog healthy.Parasite control is also important. Fleas and ticks don’t just make your pet miserable – they can bring life-altering diseases. Keeping your pet parasite-free helps prevent complications.
    • Dental Care
      Without thumbs, our dogs and cats can’t brush their teeth. That’s why it’s important we help keep up with their oral care. Removing plaque and tartar and getting their teeth regularly checked at your annual vet visit will help reduce the risk of serious dental problems and surgery later on.
    • Nutrition
      While it’s tempting to give our furry friend all of the treats as a gesture of our love, keeping them at a healthy weight can mean a happier pet and a longer life. To determine what your pet should weigh, talk to your vet and figure out a diet that will help keep your dog or cat on target for their breed, size and age.And even though it’s hard, try to limit the “people food” your pet receives. There are foods that we can eat that can be deadly for them! Here’s a helpful list from the ASPCA on top foods that are dangerous for your friend.
    • Enrichment opportunities
      Life’s no fun when you’re bored! Physical health isn’t the only component of your dog or cat’s life that needs attention. Luckily, playtime and games can help keep them both physically and mentally active. You can help your cat feel fit and feline by providing toys that can stimulate their hunter instincts and get them moving. There are dog toys that can help them chase and hunt, like balls or squeaky toys, and even treat puzzles to encourage their thinking processes and scenting skills.You don’t have to break the bank – there are low-cost and free options for enrichment that can keep your pet’s brain as healthy as their bodies. Even a cardboard box can provide hours of fun!

By meeting your dog or cat’s physical and mental needs, ensuring regular wellness checks, and giving preventative care, you can ensure your pet’s good health and happiness. And if your pet is happy, aren’t you happy?

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